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Choosing a Date
Kylie, on January 4, 2019 at 4:51 PM

Hey y’all!! My fiancé and I have been engaged for a little over a week now. I was wondering how did y’all pick your date?? The one we have put up right now is just one of the dates we talked about (he...

Futuremrs.c, 2 seconds ago 105 Comments 1,177
Same Space?
Kenisha, Today at 1:23 PM

So originally we were just going to get married and have the reception in the same space. I was looking online and saw we could get married outside of the red barn & then have our reception at...

FutureMrsD, 38 seconds ago 6 Comments 33
How to incorporate little families in the wedding party.
Yamila , Today at 1:26 PM

So 3 of my closest friends are married with children. My maid of honor has two boys who will be 8 and 2 1/2, one brides maid will have a soon to be 4 year old boy and soon to be 2 year old girl, and...

FutureMrsD, A minute ago 1 Comment 6
Small, intimate wedding - venues in Arkansas?
ShayDarian, Today at 12:30 PM

Hey there! So my fiance and I are planning a small wedding, close family & friends, about 30-50 people, but definitely under 50. All wedding venues we've found are expensive and too big for what...

ShayDarian, 3 minutes ago 8 Comments 30
Whats been your "bzilla" moment???
page, Today at 9:12 AM

Good MorningSo I am just curious is there a small part of wedding planning that has been way harder for you expected it to be?? I am having a heck of a time finding shoes which seems like such an easy...

Maggie, 4 minutes ago 14 Comments 122
Thoughts on adult Fg/rb?
Kristen, Yesterday at 6:03 PM

I went to a wedding recently where there was an adult flower girl and an adult ring bearer - I have never seen this before and it seemed like everyone either loved or hated it. My fiance and I have...

Kristen, 16 minutes ago 7 Comments 97