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Activities for Out-of-towners/staters
Madeline, Today at 10:18 AM

Our wedding isn't until June of 2020, but I'm looking into things to do for any guests that would be coming from out of town, and those that could be coming from out of state. (Nothing that has to be...

Renae, A minute ago 9 Comments 61
What are yalls colors and themes??
Riley, Today at 6:20 PM

Just wondering what everyone's themes and colors are just to start a conversation. Mine is a "Happily Ever After" theme and my colors are burgundy and rose gold. Include pics as well if you'd like.

Katie, 3 minutes ago 1 Comment 14
Nona, Today at 5:41 PM

Warning long post and pretty much me just ranting since I can’t talk to anyone about it.. ugh I’m having major regrets on a lot of things.. 1 is my dress and how much I paid for it even though I set a...

Angela, 25 minutes ago 4 Comments 135
Who else is over keeping their dress a secret!?
Rachel , Today at 1:00 PM

Not only do I have to keep my dress a secret but I also did my boudoir shoot over the weekend and have to keep that as well as the outfits I wore for it secret till the wedding! 😂 I’m no good at this...

MisstoMrsS, 34 minutes ago 11 Comments 86
60 days to Go!
Raquel, Today at 1:49 PM

Anybody else getting married May 25th?! Just 2 more months till I get to marry the most wonderful man! So far everything is paid for. Waiting on the last few RSVPs to arrive so I can determine how...

MisstoMrsS, 34 minutes ago 6 Comments 33
Save the Date reactions
ASMini914, Today at 5:26 PM

So I just have to share the response I’ve gotten after sending out my save the dates. We sent them out exactly 6 months before the wedding, so they went out about 10 days ago, and wedding is September...

Maricarmen, 38 minutes ago 6 Comments 107