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There’s nothing like that feeling of having everyone you love in one place to celebrate such a happy occasion. Here’s everything you need to know about the people who make your wedding day special, from your bridesmaids and groomsmen to the family and friends who will be surrounding the altar and filling the dance floor.

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8 Groomsmaid Gift Ideas for the Gals in Your Crew

Be sure to thank the ladies in your crew for standing by your side on the big day. These groomsmaid gifts are sure to win rave reviews.

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How to Pick Bridesmaids When You Have No Friends

Is picking bridesmaids a major struggle? If you're worried about how to pick bridesmaids when you have no friends, we're here to help you find your crew of leading ladies.

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10 Bridesman Gifts for the Best Guys in Your Life

Your bridesman has always been there for you, now it's time to show your appreciation. These thoughtful bridesman gifts are an ideal way to say "thank you."


Does My Brother Have to be My Best Man?

Yes, he’s your brother - but does he have to be your best man, too? Not necessarily. Here are some other ways to include him in your big day.

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How to Ace Your Man of Honor Duties

Whether you've been a man of honor before or are a newbie, here's how to totally rock this special role.

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The History of Groomsmen

If you think you have lots of responsibilities, check out the history of groomsmen—you'll be surprised at how much the role has changed!

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How to Rock Your Role as a Best Woman

Ready to take on the role of best woman? Whether you're a newbie or have experience, here's a a rundown of how to nail a best woman's responsibilities.

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A First Timer’s Guide to Being a Maid of Honor

So, you've been asked to be the MOH in your bestie's wedding—exciting! This guide to being a maid of honor will help you figure out this important role.

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How to Be the Best Bridesman Ever

If you've been asked to be a bridesman, congrats! Check out these tips to help understand your role and responsibilities.

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The History of Bridesmaids

From warding away evil spirits to catching shoes, the history of bridesmaids is full of surprising (and kind of scary!) traditions.

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What Wedding Guests Want, and How to Give it to Them

A big part of planning a wedding is ensuring your guests' needs are met. We surveyed wedding guests to find out what they really want at a wedding—and you may be surprised at their answers.

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5 Signs Someone Should Be Your Bridesmaid

Selecting bridesmaids is an important step in planning your big day. Here are the top signs that you should include a family member or friend in your wedding party.

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5 Signs Someone Should NOT Be Your Bridesmaid

If you're in the process of choosing your wedding party and worried someone will be a bad bridesmaid, here are the signs to look out for.

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How to Ask Bridesmaids to Be in Your Wedding

Thinking about how to ask bridesmaids to be in your wedding shouldn't be stressful. Here's how to pop the question to your hopefully-future 'maids.

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How Soon Is Too Soon to Ask Someone to Be Your Plus-One at a Wedding?

If you've just started a new relationship, it can be tricky to decide the right time to ask your new SO to be your plus-one to a wedding. Here are the signals that mean you're probably not ready.

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The 8 Best Ways to Communicate with Your Wedding Party

It's essential that you're able to clearly communicate with your wedding party members to ensure a smooth planning process. Here are some options when it comes to how to make that happen.