Family and Relationships

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Blending familys can be a true joy, but there are tricky elements too. From merging households, to deciding where to spend the holidays, this is the place to give and get support on all things family.

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Who is bringing all the drama?
Lynnie, Today at 11:05 AM

Weddings can easily attract drama from all sides! Have you experienced any wedding drama? Did it come from friends or family??Next Question: Who's hosting your shower? Back to the Beginning: Friends...

Brandi, 8 minutes ago 34 135
Need advice about fmil
Anna, Today at 1:14 AM

I just want to know if I'm overreacting over this or no. Before I start my fmil is a very sweet lady. She has accepted me since my fh first introduced me. She doesnt have any daughters so shes been...

Arielle, 8 minutes ago 14 192
Fmil/fsil Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Drama
Tonia, Today at 9:16 AM

I need some genuine advice ladies. I have not had any issues in planning this wedding EXCEPT for the wedding rehearsal dinner. My FMIL and FSIL are driving me up a wall and I'm trying to figure out...

Vanessa, 2 minutes ago 7 136
Bridesmaid Proposal
Brittany, Yesterday at 7:56 PM

I am planning my bridesmaid proposal, and 5 out of the 6 girls know it’s coming, but one girl who I’m not as close with lately has no clue. Basically, I think she would be an awesome addition to the...

FutureMrsD, An hour ago 9 71
Who should walk me down the aisle?
, Today at 2:51 PM

So I am really close with my dad and my stepdad. My stepdad has only been around for the last 5 years or so, but we have a great relationship. My dad and I were not close when I was growing up, but we...

Melissa, 37 minutes ago 4 24
Big Day is Friday & ultimate Drama!
shayandbae, Yesterday at 10:48 PM

I’m just so overwhelmed so this will be a long one. Sooo my vow renewal is Friday and so much is falling apart with people I love. My best friend/MOH is having financial issues, and she is the only...

Gen, An hour ago 8 200