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Pat in Planning, Today at 11:12 AM

Very early in the planning phase, but doing research.. where did you guys get your wedding invitations? Recommendations appreciated!

Pat, 3 minutes ago 6 Comments 37
Letter to future husband /wife
Vanessa in Do It Yourself, on April 18, 2019 at 7:05 AM

What do you guys typically write in these letters to future husband /wife? Not sure is it like something cute to remember each other by? Help! Not sure what to do and why is this necessary?

Lizbeth, 3 minutes ago 5 Comments 86
Biggest Fear
Molly in Community Conversations, Yesterday at 10:16 AM

What is your biggest fear about your wedding day!I have to say my biggest fear, is drama from family members that I know who always want the attention always on them.

Elisabeth, 5 minutes ago 34 Comments 326
Bathroom baskets
Jessica in Planning, Today at 11:32 AM

I THINK I have everything I need for my bathroom essentials kits, but did you have anything unique or wish you had anything that you forgot?

Alyssa, 5 minutes ago 7 Comments 46
Welcome party / post wedding brunch
kala&isha in Parties and Events, Yesterday at 10:33 PM

I haven’t been to a lot of weddings but I have to ask the question- is a welcome party and a post brunch ABSOLUTELY necessary? I really don’t want to foot the bill for essentially what seems like...

Dawn, 7 minutes ago 24 Comments 225
What's your budget?
Mary in Planning, Yesterday at 6:48 PM

While planning, I have always taken the cheaper way out. I am paying $0 for my venue as my dad is a priest and is friends with the priest of the church we wanted to get married at. My sister is also...

Brittainy, 8 minutes ago 21 Comments 415

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