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25 days - 5 hours- 44 min
Courtney in Planning, on December 6, 2018 at 6:22 PM

Hey y'all! I have 25 days and some change left!! How about you? How long do you have and what do you have left to do? I'm re-trying on my dresses for the RD and the after party and trying to find...

Courtney, 4 minutes ago 21 Comments 101
Wedding Night
Porterpoppin in Planning, Today at 1:20 PM

We have 2 kids and either my mom or his mom will be keeping them the night of the wedding. We were just gonna go back home lol. We're having a Friday wedding and won't be leaving for our honeymoon...

Porterpoppin, 4 minutes ago 11 Comments 53
Ever been "ghosted" by a venue?
Becca in Wedding Reception, Today at 1:56 PM

My fiance and I had a venue picked and were waiting on final details before signing the contract because we were going back and forth on open bar pricing. Other than that, all was good at the venue....

Becca, 5 minutes ago
So much left!
Chandra in Planning, Today at 1:52 PM

Yesterday we officially hit 5 months until WDay. I still have so much left to do! I feel like I'm missing some things but most of my list is still little things, but we still have some huge things to...

Gen, 6 minutes ago 1 Comment 3
Nail polish color suggestions?
Alexandria in Wedding Attire, Today at 10:55 AM

Here's my dress and a picture of what my bouquet will look like. My colors are burgundy, blush and gold and we're getting married January 4th. I would like to do something non traditional (no french...

Jayla, 6 minutes ago 15 Comments 112
Party Bus Size?
Jessica in Planning, Today at 1:51 PM

What size party bus do you really need for the bridal party? I know they usually say they count the bride as 2 with the dress and I don’t want us all crammed in. Would like to be comfortable and have...

Jessica, 10 minutes ago 3

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