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Congrats newlyweds and married couples! Don't forget, there might still be thank you notes, name change paperwork, and photo albums in your future.

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We got married!!!!!!
Tori, Today at 4:58 PM

The wedding is over and it was such an amazing and beautiful day. I had the most fun dancing and am so happy I finally get to say my husband. Here's some pictures from our special day!

Alexandra, 42 minutes ago 2 Comments 54
Social media name change?
Gen, Today at 12:01 PM

Ok this is a relatively unimportant thing lol but I’m just curious what all of you who are changing your last names will be doing with your name social media after you get married!When will you be...

Cassidy, 45 minutes ago 15 Comments 159
Fwbride, Today at 2:48 PM

My dad told me I have to do a prenup because we have a family business that gets passed down to the kids once they die and also inheritance money. Only thing is I hate the idea of doing a prenup since...

Cassidy, An hour ago 10 Comments 170
Best day of my life!!
Jessica , Yesterday at 11:26 AM

We had the best day yesterday! We will remember it always!!

Jessica, 2 hours ago 29 Comments 429
We’re married! 💍
FutureMrs.M, Today at 12:49 PM

After 18 months of nonstop planning and stress we finally tied the knot last Saturday March 23rd 2019.

FutureMrsD, 3 hours ago 8 Comments 134
Wedding date
Kelly & Kirby Wedding, Yesterday at 4:33 PM

Mr and Mrs Fosters

Erika, 4 hours ago 16 Comments 286