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It’s time to flex those crafting muscles! Bust out the sewing machine, master the art of the glue gun, and show that cricut who’s boss - this section is all about getting creative and customizing your wedding day decor. Share your DIY tips and progress here!

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Arraya, Today at 5:57 PM

I know that a lot of people on here frown upon self-catering your wedding BUT I would like to hear positive feedback who self-catered their own wedding. My future MIL has catered large parties before...

Arraya, A minute ago 2 Comments 8
Seating chart
LIZBETH, on March 22, 2019 at 11:39 PM

Ideas for seating charts???

Kim, 4 minutes ago 5 Comments 65
Kendall, Today at 4:21 PM

Who here has made their own invites? I am opting to make mine with my cricut because the quote for what I want was over $600! So I’m going to try it and see how it goes tonight. Bought my supplies...

Kendall, 27 minutes ago 5 Comments 27
Jessica , Yesterday at 3:39 PM

Which do you prefer? The one that is in both pictures does not look as pretty in person and was done by my florist which photographs amazing. The bright pink and purple are dollar tree diys that I...

Carlee, 2 hours ago 17 Comments 300
Large floral letters
Emily, Today at 11:43 AM

Is anyone else doing a diy for large flower letters?If so how did you do it?I thought if just buying a large craft letter. Painting it and the hot gluing on the fake flowers....but i watched a video...

Melissa O', 2 hours ago 4 Comments 49
Curtains for wedding arch
Carolyn, Today at 1:50 PM

I am wanting to do the tie back curtain look for my wedding arch. I can't seem to find anywhere how you actually attach the fabric to the metal arch. All the videos I have seen is to make your own...

Carolyn, 3 hours ago 3 Comments 39