Kim Forrest

Kim Forrest

Kim Forrest has been writing about weddings for over a decade, specializing in etiquette and planning advice. She has previously written for, Brides Local Magazines, and Washingtonian Bride & Groom, and has been quoted as a wedding expert in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Huffington Post, Refinery29, and more.

Articles published by Kim Forrest

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Bigger isn't always better! If you're looking for a small wedding venue in Louisville or Lexington, Kentucky, these spaces are worth checking out!

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We’ve asked wedding planning experts for their best tips on how to plan a destination wedding to make your big day abroad as perfect as it can be.

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If the very thought of your wedding's first dance makes your anxious, these tips will help you get through it.

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If you're in the early stages of wedding planning, you might be wondering how much a destinantion wedding costs. The answer might surprise you.

Places to Celebrate 10 Stunning Outdoor Wedding Venues in Louisville and Lexington, KY

If you've always dreamed of celebrating your special day outside, these outdoor wedding venues in Louisville and Lexington, KY are definitely worth a look.

Wedding Guests Can I Uninvite a Wedding Guest?

If a friend or relative gets on your nerves, it can be so tempting to kick 'em off the guest list. If you're wondering how to uninvite someone to a wedding, check out these common scenarios—and how to handle.

Legal Paperwork How to Change Your Name After Marriage in Texas

If you're counting down the days until your wedding, you may be thinking about how to change your name after marriage in Texas. Follow these simple steps and you'll be good to go.

Wedding Flowers Who Wears a Corsage at a Wedding?

If you're getting ready to order your wedding floral arrangements, you may be asking: Who wears a corsage at a wedding? Here's a list of the VIPs who get to wear these badges of honor.

Planning Basics Getting Married in Indianapolis: The Ultimate Guide to Indiana Weddings

Planning an Indy wedding? Here's all the information you need to know if you're getting married in Indianapolis.

Wedding Flowers Who Wears a Boutonniere at a Wedding?

Wearing a floral pin on your lapel is an honor—but who actually wears a boutonniere at a wedding? Here, we'll identify each and every person who needs one of these special accessories.

Family & Friends How to Handle Uninvited Wedding Guests Who Show Up on Your Big Day

When you look out into the crowd on your big day, you want see familiar faces. But what if there are some strangers among your guests? Here's how to handle uninvited wedding guests who may try to get in on the celebration.

Planning Basics How Many Wedding Vendors Do You Actually Need?

Did you know that the average couple hires 14 vendors for their big day? Who are they? This wedding vendor list outlines all the pros you'll want to have on hand for your big day.

Places to Celebrate 9 Small Wedding Venues in Indianapolis for an Intimate Event

If your guest list consists of under 150 people, here are some small wedding venues in the Indianapolis area to choose from.

Planning Basics Who Should You Get Ready With on Your Wedding Day?

The pre-wedding festivities can be almost as fun as the wedding itself! But the people who join you as you're getting ready for the wedding can really make or break this experience.

Relatives What Does the Father of the Bride Wear? The 8 Rules All Dads Should Follow

Whether you’re a bride helping her dad or gearing up to walk your daughter down the aisle, it time to answer that time-honored question: What does the father of the bride wear to the wedding?

Budget The 5 Reasons You’re Spending Too Much Money on Your Wedding

About half of couples spend more than planned on their wedding—but why? Here are the top five reasons

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