Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding is a truly magical experience. We’re offering our expertise to help make the planning process fun and stress-free for you from beginning to end. From decor inspiration to vow help, we’ve covered it all in our articles.


7 Potential Signs of a Future Divorce—and What to Do

Here, couples' counselors share the most common signs of impending divorce—and how to best avoid this fate.


7 Signs Your Partner's Madly In Love With You

Whether you've been in a relationship for a while or are in beginning stages, you might be wondering if your partner really does love you. Here are some ways to tell.


8 Healthy Marriage Habits to Develop During Your Engagement

It's never too early to start working on improving your relationship. Here, experts share the top healthy marriage habits that you can start developing right now.

Planning Basics

How Many Wedding Vendors Do You Actually Need?

Did you know that the average couple hires 14 vendors for their big day? Who are they? This wedding vendor list outlines all the pros you'll want to have on hand for your big day.

Places to Celebrate

9 Small Wedding Venues in Indianapolis for an Intimate Event

If your guest list consists of under 150 people, here are some small wedding venues in the Indianapolis area to choose from.

Planning Basics

Who Should You Get Ready With on Your Wedding Day?

The pre-wedding festivities can be almost as fun as the wedding itself! But the people who join you as you're getting ready for the wedding can really make or break this experience.


17 Cool Gift Ideas for Your Father-in-Law

Now that you're engaged, you've gained a whole new family. Looking for gift ideas for your father-in-law? Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

How to Throw a Bachelorette Party in Your 30s

Figuring out how to throw a bachelorette party in your 30s is a bit different than in your 20s. Here's the best plan of action.

Planning Basics

How to Deal with Decision Fatigue While Wedding Planning

If you feel like you can't make another wedding related decision without losing your mind, you're experiencing decision fatigue. Here's how to handle it.


What Does the Father of the Bride Wear? The 8 Rules All Dads Should Follow

Whether you’re a bride helping her dad or gearing up to walk your daughter down the aisle, it time to answer that time-honored question: What does the father of the bride wear to the wedding?


The 5 Reasons You’re Spending Too Much Money on Your Wedding

About half of couples spend more than planned on their wedding—but why? Here are the top five reasons

Wedding Registry

18 Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas for a Super-Special Couple

If you're looking for a truly incredible gift for an engaged couple you love, these personalized wedding gift ideas will be treasured forever.


21 Truly Sweet Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Parents or Parents-in-Law

Giving a gift to your parents and in-laws on your wedding day is a lovely and thoughtful gesture. Here are a few of our favorite wedding gift ideas for your parents and parents-in-law.

Wedding Decor

21 Fall Wedding Color Palettes That Are Totally Modern

Having an autumnal wedding is all about bringing a sense of coziness and richness to your big day. These fall wedding colors will do just the trick!

Places to Celebrate

11 Downtown Indianapolis Wedding Venues for the Ultimate City-Chic Event

Ready to plan your big day in the city? These Downtown Indianapolis wedding venues are definitely worth a look.

Places to Celebrate

8 Minneapolis Wedding Venues for Every Type of Couple

Getting married in the Twin Cities? These St. Paul and Minneapolis wedding venues are definitely worth a look.